BSP Lesson 5:Close of the Sale


When you execute the techniques of the close reviewed in this time slot you will help your member to start NOW!  Statistics prove that the “close” of the sale is a time where the person completing the presentation’s blood pressure rises, the stress level increases, confidence levels plummet…etc. By implementing the steps taught in this video your confidence will rise, it will give you the education to stay cool, calm and collective, all the while even having fun as you guide your member to commit today.  The system is designed to collect yes’s throughout the presentation and specifically 5 yes’s before the close!  Keep in mind there are only 2 reasons for a turn way

  1. Either you didn’t get your prospective member committed


  1. You didn’t close (guide your member to purchase today!”

You could have done the BEST presentation on the face of this earth and if you don’t ask for the sale you’ll have a turn away.  Our system of closing is comfortable, simple, and anyone can be successful at it!

Memorize the following 2 test questions:

  1. Ask after step 3 Overcoming Objections: Is (insert hot buttons) something you are just thinking about doing or do you really want those results!
  2. Ask after Step 4 Provide the Solution: If I can make our program affordable for you today are you ready  to get started on (insert hot buttons) and stay there for the rest of your life.

If you get stopped at either of the test questions then you need to go back and recommit the member and move forward again.  This is a key part of moving into smoothly into the close and therefore a vital skill to learn.


QUESTION 1:  Our entire presentation is based on assuming of course your prospective member wants to enroll.  With this said what are 3 phrases you want to avoide?

ANSWER 1:  The following are a few phrases you want to avoid saying:

  • Sound good?
  • Want to get started?
  • Do ya wanna do it today?

QUESTION 2:  After you present the final square what is the statement you do want to say?

ANSWER 2:  Take this pen, fill this out (direct your member to fill something out ie a buddy sheet, the progress record, welcome packet…etc.) I’m going to go grab a few things to get you started and I’ll be right back.  At this point you will want to leave in order to have control when you come back in order to deal with the payment method or to handle any unanswered questions.