BSP Lesson 7:Close Through Written Guarantee


The definition of a sale (a true committed member who will follow the program) is NOT money and a signature. The definition of a sale IS money, signature, buddy names collected, product sold and a higher ticketed appointment booked for the next visit.  This inspiring lesson is about having that solid sale by walking you through the steps that are completed between the close and the written guarantee which include your buddy (referral) presentation, agreeing to the method of payment today and future dues, and product sales.  For a couple extra minutes to complete these steps you will see your production come back to you a minimum of 7 fold in member results, gross for the operation and your commission.

Guiding your member to purchase a longer term agreement:

  • Now your down payment today will be (insert dollar amount.) I’m sure like the rest of our members you are going to want to make the 24 month commitment and save $240.00 a year as well right???  Review the monthly due + card fee and that brings the total down payment to X…while I’m doing this (redirect the member to the buddy sheet)


QUESTION 1: What do you say after you ask the following question, “How did you want to take care of that today?”

ANSWER 1:  Nothing!  The first one to talks here loses!  Wait until the member speaks and then respond.

QUESTION 2:  Once you have recommended which products your member should purchase to fill their needs what question do you ask to close the product sale?

ANSWER 2:  Lump the total of program & product together!  Stear clear of giving the product prices individually and then say, “Did you want to pay for your product on a different account or just throw it all on your card…”