BSP Lesson 6:Overcoming Objections at the Close of the Sale


When you cover the objections at Step #3 more often than not you will not have an objection at the close! The average membership rep gets stopped in their tracks when the prospective member says, “I need to think about it” or “I’ll get back to you” or “I have to go check my finances” or “I need to ask my husband”…etc.  This session is going to help you learn and prepare yourself to overcome the most common objections in order for you to welcome that objection during game time, turn it into a yes thus allowing you to change more lives!  When you master the closes reviewed in this class you’ll quickly see your conviction rise, your closing ration (and your paycheck) increase.

The 5 prep steps for handling the objection:

  1. Agree:
  2. Would it be ok if we talk through this before you go….
  3. Let’s put (insert objection) aside…Is (insert hot buttons) something you really want to do?
  4. Let’s put (insert objection) aside…Is (insert hot buttons that you know they want from your program) something you really want?
  5. Besides (insert objection) is there any other reason why you would not be getting committed to yourself today…or is it really just the money?


QUESTION 1:  Discover whether or not it’s the system when you get an objection at the close of the sale to say “Let me give you a free pass and in a week you can just get back to me.”

ANSWER 1:  No.  The system is to qualify the real objection, go back to the hot buttons, overcome the objection and close.

QUESTION 2:  What is the turn away system?


  • Send a thank you note with Thin Image picture in it
  • Call the next day (1 day file)
  • Call the next week (1 week file)
  • Call the next month (1 month file)
  • Call often as the 3rd most likely person to enroll is the one that considered you and didn’t purchase (File that you keep your Turn Away questionnaires chronologically)
    Note: The files can be hard copy or electronic!