BSP Lesson 3:Overcoming Objections


This informative tactical session will teach you to listen for reasons why your member might not enroll today and/or the reasons why your prospective member may enroll today.   You will walk away knowing the 5 possible doors (objections) to listen for and know precisely what to say to your prospective member in each situation to close those doors and guide your member to enroll today.  In other words you will learn how to mentally grab hold of how to uncover why your prospective member hasn’t achieved their desired result already and overcome that reason(s).  When it comes to overcoming objections you’ll learn there are 2 steps:  first, you need to hear the objection and second, you’ll want to know what to say to smoothly turn that objection into a yes!  This is going to be a GREAT session because you get to be proactive in getting rid of any reasons (excuses) in your prospective member’s mind before the money (close) as opposed to being reactive and dealing with the reasons after the close!


QUESTION 1:  What are the reasons to use the Pie Story?

ANSWER 1:  When you implement an effective pie story it can time, the hidden objection guilt and helps you you enter the conversation in your prospective member’s mind and help change their thinking from this is a luxury cost vs a “need” investment.

QUESTION 2: What objection is the hardest for you to overcome and how do you handle it?

ANSWER 2:  The Objection that is the hardest for the You to Overcome is the one You Agree With!  Recognize which Objection is most Challenging for you and Close that Particular Door Stronger!