BSP Lesson 2:Identify Needs & Feel


In this training you’ll be equipped with the skills to both Build Rapport which is Step 1 of the Sales Process and Identify the Prospective Member’s Needs/Feeling which is Step 2.

The “Build Rapport” part of the video will help you to grasp the specific tools that will  cause the member to believe you can relate to them allowing foundation for a relationship where the prospective member will open up to you emotionally!

The “Identify the Prospective Member’s Needs/Feelings” portion of the training will describe exactly how to uncover your prospective member’s story.  It will aid you in comprehending the 5 skills that will uncover emotion during your presentation.  By the end of this session you will find the secret to sales is that people change because of trauma or opportunity and the more emotion that is collected during the presentation the higher the chance of your prospective member not just enrolling today but staying and purchasing everything else you promote in your operation.  You will be looking for “what” the member wants and “why” they want it!  The more you hone the skills that are reviewed in Step #2 the more commitment you gather during the presentation thus the higher your success ratio!  Success ration meaning closing percentage, referrals, product sales, ancillary packages sold…etc.

Uncover and memorize what to say when someone tells you that they don’t have time to stay for a present or they ask “what is the price? Which is “We have a lot of different Programs with a lot of different solutions.   Each program has a different investment I am sure we have something that fits into your lifestyle including your budget.  We need to see if we have a match.

The 5 skills that uncover emotion include:

  1. Uncovering the Powerful Why
  2. Weighing & getting an goal outfit
  3. Measurements & Calculations
  4. The Walk With Me/T.H.I.N. Image
  5. The Pie Story


QUESTION 1: What are the 3 main course of day questions that help you to understand what objections you’ll need to overcome during the presentation?


  1. Main Question #1: Tell me what do you do during the course of your day?
    -How old are your children?  Are they involved at school in any activities or sports? Where do you work?  Do you like what you are doing?
  2. Main Question #2:  What are you hobbies?
    “What do you like to do for yourself?  Do you get your hair done, nails done, go out with the girls, have date night with your husband, golf
  3. Main Question #3:  Give me an idea of your eating habits and your time schedule.
    Do you tend to eat out or at home or is it ½ and ½ Do you get to do date night or pizza night with the kids?

QUESTION 2:  What are the components to the Walk with me?

ANSWER 2:  The components of the Walk with me are as follows:

  • Where would you go?
  • Who would you go with?
  • What would you wear?
  • Mirror