BSP Lesson 1:Overview of the Sales Process


People aren’t interested in being “sold!”  We want to purchase!  With this exciting session learn how to guide your member to purchase TODAY!  This session is vital to understand the conversation you’ll have with your prospective member that is on purpose with a series of 5 steps that will help your member not just buy today, but actually stay until they have permanent results and longer!

Those 5 steps that we will be reviewing in details are

  1. Build Rapport
  2. Identify Needs & Feelings
  3. Overcome Objections
  4. Provide The Solution
  5. Close


You’ll walk away knowing how to uncover someone’s “Powerful Why” in a minute flat, how to pull the commitment that is steeped deep inside the member to the surface, qualify your member by overcoming the reason the member hasn’t achieved the desired result yet, strong closes, how to collect 10 buddy names (referrals) at point of sale, upsell product on the day of enrollment and more!  This basic sales program is for anyone who sells anything inside a health and wellness operation.


QUESTION 1: Open ended questions will cause your prospective member to do most of the talking.  As he/she opens up how should you respond?

ANSWER 1:  Listen to what your member is saying, consider what he/she could be feeling and respond.

QUESTION 2:  (Fill in the blank) They don’t believe it until they _____________ it.

ANSWER 2:  They don’t believe it until they ____say___ it.