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The Drops  



I have a member that texted me, "Can you find out or give me the phone number so I can ask why can I not continue the drops... I'm curious."  I tried explaining but she was not satisfied.  Any suggestions appreciated.


Thanks in advance, Lisa Shanahan

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Hey Lis… You can handle this….LOL!

The sole purpose of the drops is to stimulate the hypothalamus to trigger the body to burn fat. The drops have done their job already in the first 30 days. Keep in mind that these first 30 days are designed to give you a jump start by using the trifecta: Ketogenic, low fat & homeopathic. The nutrient dense/low-cal, ketogenic plan creates the environment in your body for the homeopathic to work. As we move you into the rest of the program which is the Listen to Your Body phase you will be customizing your eating plan to help you see permanent results (aka you will not be eating solely Ketogenic and low fat.) It’s impossible to stay on the Fast Track (trifecta formula) eating plan for the rest of your life. If you did you would stay in D.I.E.T. mode and that isn’t a recipe for “permanent” success or the business we are in.

Thanks for asking your question here are not the only one who has a member ask over and over and over again...Sigh!!!!!