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Amy has had several comments about the negativity on the Facebook page.  I have type up a post she tried to make to the wow training facebook page.

"I've had several members say I use to enjoy the fb private page but now it seems to be a page to whine and be negative...this statement has been made a lot to me.  I ask my people to use it for positive area.  For winners not whiners...I say I'm your sounding board as your coach..thoughts???  Concerned"

Please read this a let me know what we can do to improve the atmosphere on the page.  The page was constantly being that still going on?

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Hi AJ,

I’m pretty sure I answered your question at the following link:

The way Amy is describing it is correct (as usual as she always is!!) The idea of the group is kind of like a Mastermind group where likeminded people come together to help each other be the best they can be, to grow, to be spectacular and to catapult into success. The concept of a mastermind group has one rule which is that everyone must give good things to the group and then what happens is everyone takes away good things.

In regard to “several members” if you could send me their names and email addresses we’ll contact them and get their feedback and get them all fixed up!

Your members are important to us and so are you!