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Are xylitol and erythritol acceptable  



On listen to your body, are xylitol and erythritol acceptable substitutes for stevia.  Of course I want them to purchase ours, but she'd like to do some baking and needs a bulk substance.

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Hey Lis,

Xylitol & Erythritol are sugar alcohols that are 60 to 80 percent as sweet as sugar, but it isn't completely digested so it has a very limited effect on blood sugar levels. As an example, five grams of erythritol has just 1 calorie. Some stevia-based sweeteners also contain erythritol.

Looking at our Stevia label I am not able to tell if the “alcohol” is “erythritol” or “xylitol” not. So after all this work…it occurs to me. Is this person looking at an actual “Stevia” label or a knock off sweetener? If it is a knock off sweetener…then the simple answer is, “please find Stevia as it is approved by our dietitian for the program.” As you know the closer someone follows the system the higher chance they achieve the best results.

I did have a fleeting thought…regarding baking and needs a bulk substance? How does one do bulk baking on the Fast Track jump start program of 30 days? If she is in fact in the first 30 days of our program, then can she just use our Stevia and wait to bulk bake until after 30 days? LOL! If this member has moved into LTYB then as you know you can have them put what they want at the appropriate step (I think it would be an “extra”) in the system to see how their body responds.

Ok…I hope this helps sister!