How do we join the meeting?  


Is there a Go to Link or a dial in conferece number?


Hey Seef! Thanks for posting your question here! From the other questions you asked about the meeting (which we will be getting you those answers soon) it seems you recieved the link after all!

Still a great question. We will send ahead of the meeting time of 2:00 PM ET on Thursdays both and email & a text with the link that will take you to the meeting! It will look something like the one from today. See below:

"Expertise Equals Sales EXPLOSION!! Thurs, 3/2 Learn how to have instant expertise with this new marketing technique: Text to confirm you'll be there."

You are so smart to KNOW you want to be in on the meetings! Be sure to look for the log in info each week!

Thank you again for being a part of the Contagious Wellnes Movement!


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