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need quick reply please regarding HEP C  



I have a potential member coming in who was positive for Hep C in late 90's but has been in remission since then and it is no longer an active situation.  Do I need to send the letter with her to her doc or since it's been in remission this long can we proceed w/o letter?

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Hey Susan,

First, please read the info that is at the following post:

With all this being said, it seems that over 10 years of being in remission should mean that it would not be as you say not an active situation. I guess my question is…how do you know your member had this condition? If the member mentioned it then if it were us we would make sure we had the letter on file to CYA!

One fleeting thought…we do not give this letter to the member to have their doctor sign. We get the doctor’s info including fax or email, communicate directly to the office & have the doctor’s team send the completed back to us. We have had situations in the past where the member signed it for their doctor…kinda like the teacher sending the note home to the parents through the child! It’s sad we need to take these precautions and yet we do.

Hope this helps you! Thanks for your time to ask?

Never even considered people forging a doctors signature-wow. Ok thank you for the info