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Do you know when the chocolate RTD Proti will be available?

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Hey Amy, I apologize for the delayed answer. I had to do some investigation on this product. We did revisit all of our products this last year. If there was a product that we sold less than 20 cases in this last “year” which means we have pulled off the store. I know you are a multiple club owner, so I know you understand when I explain that we provide our product at such a discounted rate that it is just doesn’t make business sense to inventory in our fulfillment company a volume required to take care of less than 20 cases per year. Unfortunately, RTD’s are in this category along with super enzymes, fish & flax. Now, we have been working on moving our shopping cart to an ecommerce one and it is possible at that time we can put this product at a minimum on your wellness website. I’ll need to ask. The positive to that is you can send people to your own store (and receive a cut of that sale) as opposed to down to the neighboring nutrition store. Again, thanks for you mercy with me getting you this answer! One fleeting thought….your member’s wouldn’t be able to have this until LTYB….right? LOL! And when your member reaches the point where they can have 2 supplements a day they can only have one RTD right? ?