Access to Curriculum  



I only seem to be able to access the tests and not the courses.  How do I get to the curriculum?





Hey Alanna, when you log into the Wow training site you scroll to the bottom of the page. The last big button is “Listen to Your Body”. Click on that button and you will see starting from the top to the bottom of that page the following as you scroll down:

1-Start Here



4-LifeStyle Success System


6-Metabolism Retraining


8-Sales for LTYB

9-Admin Take for example: click on Overview.

*   When you click on Overview. See the arrow…that is a video.

*  Keep scrolling down you’ll see Lesson Brief

*  Keep scrolling down you’ll see Downloads with the documents that go with that lesson

*  Keep scrolling down you’ll see the next session you need to take as a leader

*  Keep scrolling down you’ll see Lesson FAQ’s..

I hope this helps. We do have on our list to do to create a video that will walk you through the entire site. The thing is we need to finish the site before we can create that video! Hang tough with us?


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