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When and how to add additional supplements and foods.  



We have some members that are wanting to add in their preferred pre and post workout supplements. When would this be appropriate to do in LTYB? What do we do when we have a member requesting something like chickpeas (hummus) that is not on the list as an option? Would you skip the week on what is allowed to let them add this single item in? Please advise. 

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Hey Jennifer!

Such good questions….thank you for your investment in time to post them here so everyone can learn?

In regard to “when can our member add their preferred pre and post work out supplements?” The answer is when they get to maintenance. During the weight loss portion of the program our supplements are the only ones approved by our dietitian to guarantee results. Our recommendation is at Step 3 suggest 2 flavors of our supplements that are similar in taste compared to “their preferred product” and guide them to have one before and one after. This will add another 30 grams of protein a day for them.

Regarding “when the members can add chick peas (hummus)?” On our food list, we “strived” to list all of the foods we could think of. As you know it’s impossible…the list would be 100 pages…right? LOL! Chick peas are a starchy vegetable which comes at step 5. Now, I make my hummus as opposed to purchasing the store bought as allowing me to KNOW that everything in the hummus is on the list along with skipping all the preservatives!

Hope this answers your questions. And thanks Jennifer for all you do for our Contagious Wellness Mission!