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LSS Clawback question  



How do we determine the reason for specific LSS clawbacks, shown for a specific person, on our monthly commission report?  (ex - cc declined, payment reversal, charge back, etc?))

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Heeeeey, Great Question!
A Clawback is:
Commission that was awarded, but then had to take back.

Clawbacks are issued when this takes place:
1) We successfully make the charge, then
2) the money is sent back to the customer

Clawbacks occur because of:
1) Refund (most common)
2) Disputed charge

Clawbacks Do NOT occur because of:
1) Declined charge

Going forward with our new LSS online system, the best way to be assured that your clients transactions was successful is good communication with them from 2030 Fast Track texting, weekly check-ins and LTYB coaching. They will not be able to access the site without a good payment method on file.

For clients prior to Dec 20th, 2018 and well as another recommended method is monitoring your monthly wellness website report. If you have clients that should be paying, they should show up on that report. If not, the transaction was not successful.

Important note: Successful client transactions show up on the monthly report in which they are charged. (not entered).
Remember that clients do not get their first charge until “35 days” after you enter them into your wellness website. The first month of LSS is included in the purchase of their 2030 Fast Track kit.

Let’s say you entered “John Doe” into your wellness website site on Jan 1st.
1) John Doe would be charged 35 days later on Feb 5th.
2) If the transaction was successful, He then would show up on the monthly wellness website report that you recieve for March’s report. March’s report will show you all the successful charges for Feb.
2b) If John Doe does not show on report, then his payment did not process.
It either declined by bank or the credit card information was entered incorrectly.

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