food recommendation  


I have a member that will begin the program this weekend with Monday being her day 1. We just found out that due to religious reasons on Thursdays she does not eat meat or fish or eggs. What is the best recommendation we can give her for that day during the program?


First, I do not like this answer. I do not believe or like “customizing” this system. The further we get from the system the less chance you can guarantee results. So…if this were us we would explain this to the member first. She needs to understand this is her choice to not follow the program exactly.

With this being said there will be one day that she will not get protein in. On day 8 she can replace her protein with pretzels. On day 15 she gets to have shakes & pretzels…etc. Is it one day period? Or is it one day a week? If it’s one day period then have her start after that “one” day. If it’s every Thursday what about having her load on Tues & Wed so day 8 would be Thursday where she can add pretzels.

Ahhh…still don’t like this answer. We can not recommend it’s ok to not follow the program as that can turn into how many things can be adjusted.

I have no idea if this has helped. LOL! Good luck Team Pacifico! Love you all!


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