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it's "slow" over the holidays!  



How many LTYB/Fast Track enrollments have you had this week? I received an email this week of a facilitator saying it was “slow” due to the holidays! Remember, Donna has always taught us December is a mindset! Go into it believing you’ll have a great month preparing accordingly and you will! What marketing are you doing? What texts/emails are you sending? How many dials are you making? Are you executing a strong Buddy campaign this month or at a minimum plugging in the Contagious Wellness system? Are you at a minimum following the Facilitator Success Checklist executing testimonials as Aaron taught, Dr mktng, Speaking…etc. Marcia Bigler has had 10 sales this week and she does NOT solely focus on the online business…LOL! The following are a few of the marketing texts/emails/scripts she’s using: • Enroll now – do you load days on Christmas • Get started now and you could lose 16-20 lbs by New Years • You could lost up to 20 lbs by New Yer’s when you get started right away on 20/30 and if you get started with a family member or friend you will get even do better and have more fun! • Avoid the average weight gain of 9-15 lbs over the holidays and start now! Remember as Sandy and her team at Delta Valley Health Club say, “There is no ‘off” season!” Bribe your members to keep coming consistently for the next few weeks in order for their results to stay high, your buddies & product to stay high and shift your mindset from investing externally to internally! Let’s do this team!