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Hi Sandy, I know I have been here for a few months now but I feel like I have little knowledge on the numbers and why we are reviewing them…can you give a little insight on this subject for me? Sincerely, Feeling a little lost  



Great Question! Question askers are successful already! Now...when it comes to stats…YOU knowing your data is a Key part of a successful business. The Dept leaders at home office can tell you at any point and time what our SMART numbers are (gross, bank, product, appts, show rate, closing rate…etc.)… The numbers let us know trends in the days, months, weeks…they let us know what training the team needs including me, who on the team is worthy of praise & could grow to a higher level in the company…etc. Stats help you get loans, if it’s time to sell your business…etc. Not doing your stats would be like running your household with a check book you didn’t ever balance. It would be like buying stocks on the market and never checking back on them. Data is a KEY part of seeing the profit margins you and your team wants and all the steps that need worked out leading up to the end results…. Somebody asked me one time what are the top 3 things that the people who are most successful do that those that are not successful don’t…I didn’t even blink…I knew the answer: 1. Marketing: ALWAYS mktng. Generating leads/bodies through the door… 2.Management skills: they can manage themselves and others. 3.Data: know their data so they know where they are at and where they want to go…. To analyze data you always need 2 sets of numbers. We might review 2 back to back weeks or we might review 2 back to back months or we might review 2 back to back quarters….etc. I promise the more you analyze your SMART, Critical & KPI numbers the more you will not feel lost any longer!

Awesome Info!!