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Your member will need a CODE to register for their Fully Alive App starting after Friday Feb 21st at 2 PM ET! Learn how and how to set up Push Notifications Thursday Feb 20th at Noon ET!  



Short Explanation: What do you need to know first to tap into the upgraded tools we are launching this week to make you more money, generate you more leads….

1. Your members will be required to put a code in starting Friday Feb 21st at 2 PM ET. We will do a quick Training Thursday the 20th at Noon ET on zoom! We had technical difficulties to say the least at last Thursday’s Power Hours and that training will happen this Thursday at Noon ET. Register to get the zoom link here:

2. You MUST update your paperwork.

• Success Starts Now (Find in your Seminar folder on Facilitator’s Essentials)

• Fast Track order form (contract) (Find in your Seminar folder on Facilitator’s Essentials)

• Check in 1, 2 & 3 are updated – working on 4, 5 & 6 coming (Find in your Check in folder on Facilitator’s Essentials)

• LTYB questionnaire (Find in LTYB Sales Addendum – Documents in Administering the Program Lesson 5)

• LTYB contract (use ours as a template) (Find in LTYB Sales Addendum – Documents in Administering the Program Lesson 5)

Complete Explanation: Full details of the how we are Launching 3 New Tools that will bring you Revenue!

1. Friday Feb 21st. Your new members will need a code to have full access to the Fully Alive App. This means we will collect and send you the information for the people who register for the Fully Alive App who are not members…aka PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS! We’ll be contacting you soon with your location’s code. See the site for the simple steps:

2. Push Notifications are live on the App! You can now send 3 forms of messages from your app: notification; text and email! Why would you want to send a quick message to each member? Say it with me! MARKETING??? Promote the product special on the calendar; Remind your members about the Check in coming up; Market the Buddy Contest you are running, Invite the members to the VIP party, Educate your members on how you have the next step in the program called Listen to Your Body….etc. We believe in contacting your members every way possible. Remember the person most likely to buy from you is the one who is currently purchasing (List #1). Including email, text, call, private message, post, and now communicate directly, effectively and easily through the Fully Alive App!

3. VIP FAN private Facebook group! We pulled the trigger this week! The group is called Fully Alive Nation VIP group. The ONLY people who will be permitted to be in this group will be the ones who have moved onto LTYB and are paying for the FAN package! Before being approved to join this group our Facebook monitors will be checking to see that you’ve entered your member into the LTYB office use only on your wellness website! This group will have MORE education on the LTYB program, it will have MORE ideas, as well as, cooking videos, it will have contests, MORE recipes…basically MORE!!!!!!!!!!

• When you enroll your members into The current 2030 Fast Track Facebook group will now be open. It will be a group we will be able to send you leads from. It’s where your 2030 Fast Track members will be live as they are “prospective members” for LTYB along with all the prospective 2030 Fast Trac members that your members like to SNEAK into the group. Let’s let those buddies sit in this group watching testimonial after testimonial until they decide Hmmmm maybe I should stop watching and join!


So you can get the link for the conference line and any handouts you’ll need for this short training!

See you on Thursday!!!!!!!!!