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Virtual Basic Marketing Training March 24th 2:00 – 3:30 PM ET  



First, thank you for those who were on these first 7 sessions! And for those who couldn’t make it, you are welcome to join March 24th.

I really hope the words “thank you” feel as big to you as I mean them. A few leaders that come to mind are: Jen Payne who is rocking it out from her speaking engagements collecting leads but more so setting multiple lunch and learns from one engagement. Charlene Williams tripled the number of leads she collected from the first event she and her team did to the 2nd one. Lloydminster’s team is plugging in their marketing calendar and are disciplining themselves to have something in marketing EVERY day. Marcia Baker is tackling collecting leads and getting right on contacting them. Lisa Vermillion and Tiffany Tippett are seeing their hormone assessments and traffic on their sites soar! This does NOT happen unless you are driving people to your site and letting your site do it’s work in collecting leads! Karrah Hunt is THE master at a marketing plan. From local events, to mastering Facebook posts/ad (FYI…this did NOT come easy – she’ll tell you…LOL), to radio ads that pull…etc. Karrah IS a true marketer mostly due to her heart to save lives!!

Both Marcia and I are elated knowing many of you are recognizing that “if you build it they will NOT come!” Those of you who have reviewed these lessons over and over and over again…made marketing JUST what you do are our heroes! Seriously, our hearts are relieved as learning and executing marketing IS the most important to master when it comes to purpose led profit! Once you begin realizing our business is sales and marketing and our vehicle is wellness…time, money and freedom is yours for the asking!

Let me ask you to ask yourself…How does your marketing calendar look?

Do you have something EVERY DAY designed to bring you business tomorrow? Do you use your marketing planner designed for completing 3 Face to Face: 5 Voice to Voice and 5 Hand to Hands daily? Are you creating a Magnetic Presence by executing a combination of plugging-in Short-Term Marketing, Long Term Marketing, AND buying customers through traditional advertising and social media?

If any of what I just said is foreign to you – my recommendation is to review the previous 7 sessions on the Wow site over and over and over:

Also, be sure to log on March 24th from 2 – 3:30 PM ET! For now, we have scheduled (1) more one-hour sessions to deliver to you our basic marketing training. Reasons you would want to log on are

A. If you are wondering how you generate more bodies through your door.

B. If you are frustrated contacting old leads over and over and over again.

C. If you would like a higher book rate easier!

D. If you wonder how you own your business as opposed to your business owning you.

E. If you are someone who would like more money, time and freedom!

Topics for March 24th at 2 PM ET:

• Continuation for Corporate Wellness!

• Insurance – Be a provider • Lunch & Learns

• Overall Marketing Plan – NOT just posting on Facebook including a typical marketers schedule

Keep in mind that each session builds on the previous. Arrange your schedules now so you can get the most out of the systems! When you register you will be emailed the training material for the day (the opposite is true also.)

Be sure to register for each training here to receive the training material & the conference line log in invitation: