December is a Mindset Cookie Contest! Starts Dec 12th - Jan 4th 2:00 PM ET  


The person who sets the most internal marketing situations starting Dec 12th – Jan 4th at 2:00 PM ET will pick first from the cookie table come January’s Power Hours!

We are entering into a season where we need to go internal!

It’s the holidays and people are active. It’s not that people don’t want to buy weight loss during the holidays! Actually it is the opposite. People want to lose weight.

They are going to see their family and friends for the holidays, people they may not have seen in a long time. We all want to look good when we see people, we love that we haven’t seen for a long time. Plus, it’s vital that we feel good during stressful times. And let’s face it; the holidays can be kind of stressful with so much going on, as well as sad for people who have lost someone they love. People do want to lose weight, have less stress and more energy. We just need to be out in front of potential members because they are not at home! Donna has taught us that “December is a mindset.” Make up your mind you will rock and roll, and you will. The flip side of the coin is true also. We don’t believe in “a slow time of year.”

Our standard for December is to have a marketing situation every day! Not one for the month or one every other day; the standard is one a day! Do something everyday that is going to create multiple enrollments. You need leads (lives)! Remember, it’s not that people don’t want to buy weight loss in December. It’s just that they are active. You need a lot of leads (lives) to dial in order to reach the same number of people you do in the other months.

If your traffic is down, the question is, “What percentage of your day did you spend dialing/texting effectively?” How much you reach out to people is directly proportionate to how much money you make!!! You need a plethora of leads (lives) to dial!

The following qualifies as setting a marketing situation: Any time you set a solid event for the future. An event is any situation in which you can create multiple enrollments!

For example: A coach or an MRT could set a lunch and learn with a member who is a realtor or a teacher.

Salespeople, you know the drill (I hope).

We are talking about business, charity, community events, speaking, wellness, etc.

The following standards apply:

1. The event must be set up during the time span of Dec 12th – Jan 4th at 2:00 PM ET to occur at a future date. That future date doesn’t have to be in the forementioned time spam. Let’s get December set up! Now is the time!!!!!!

2. The following stats need to be emailed to each week by 2:00 PM ET: A list of 1) Date of each marketing situation 2) Name/type of marketing situation


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